Still working on this accursed decon; almost out of time

1:05 PM 8/18/2013

I thought of a trail name for myself. Long distance hikers often receive a nickname from others or give one to themselves. My nickname is a horrible one: Decon. After these decons are done and I never want to think about them ever again, I should be tortured with the nickname ‘Decon’ for the rest of my life.

This morning, when ‘they’ woke me up, they suggested that I do a google search for disposable shoe covers, like gloves for shoes. I already have a box of vinyl gloves that I will use for cleaning things, since the drug residues get stuck on my hands and don’t wash off very well, and then my hands contaminate other things afterwards, which is what happened when I tried to wash the bike pedals the first time. I’m going to try to wash them again.

I’m going to actually try to remove them and bring them inside to wash them in hot water. It will be so much better than struggling to wash the bikes outdoors in a creek. However, I need the right tool to take off the pedals. I lokoed at both bikes, and they each need a different tool.

I was looking at YouTube videos of how to build a motorized bike from, and in that video, they showed the guy removing the pedals, which made me feel like I could do it. I have one small toolkit for a bike, and I think it has one of the tools but not the other one. I’m not sure, and I need to go get it and look at it. In the video, they also showed the guy using a drill to make a hole in the handlebars, which I won’t be able to do unless I borrow someone else’s drill. I am theoretically capable of owning and operating a drill, but would need electricity if I got an electric one. I don’t know whether a hand-cranked drill could drill through metal bike handlebars. I’d love it if it could, but I find it hard to imagine that it could. I love low-tech solutions, and I love hand-cranked anythings.

The vast majority of my blog readers are coming to see only two main posts, at the moment: they want to find out how to become a male slave, and they want to find out about the police radar in the guard rails. That is almost all that anyone ever comes to this blog for. When I am less manic, I’m going to have a different writing style and a different set of topics. I will have to reconsider what my blog’s purpose is, who its audience is, and what they come here to see. Right now, it is just a self-centered way of entertaining myself and venting my frustration, but people who know me in real life read it too, to find out what’s going on with me.

I still have just a couple days left to try to finish this decon, to do a better job of it. I bought some shoe covers at a hardware store, but I want to see if Home Depot has more types of shoe covers than just that one. The ones I bought are not waterproof or liquidproof. They have other purposes. I would like to see if any of them are waterproof. Home Depot came up in the google search results, and I called them on the phone and asked them if they had the shoe covers. The guy on the phone was not very enthusiastic and seemed sullen and reluctant and had the accent of a particular ethnic group who shall remain nameless, because I have noticed some recurring problems that seem to happen more often with this ethnic group. This person gave me the impression, ‘Oh no, it’s that ethnic group again,’ when, in reality, there might have been many other types of people who also would have been rude, sullen, unhelpful, and reluctant on the phone, and I wouldn’t have attributed it to their ethnic groups.

I’m going to walk up the hill in a few minutes and go see what kind of bike tools I have in the little kit. Then later today I will try to take off the pedals.

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