I can’t win the McDonald’s Monopoly game, but if I did win by accident, I’d find a way to make it work, secretly

11:38 AM 8/8/2013

I slept in the hotel last night because I was scared of the tree. It was raining. I’m about to move to a different site which is farther from any dead trees. The one dead tree is still fresh and not rotten, and it feels very solid, but I’m still scared of it nevertheless.

I was listening to ‘them’ when I woke up. I have wanted someone to help me describe my beliefs, the essence of them, the basic principles and assumptions behind my beliefs about diet and nutrition. ‘They’ were saying some interesting things.

I want to be able to eat as much as my body desires of something, without worrying about optimizing this or that amount according to some number. I want to obey my body’s instincts about food, but at the same time, I want to direct those instincts towards foods that I would have naturally been eating, not modern junk foods. I want to know the real truth about saturated fat, because there are grains of truth on both sides of the debate, but both sides are also wrong or lying about some things.

6:30 PM 8/8/2013

I’m on lunch break. I didn’t get to finish what I was writing about earlier, but I’ll do it later.

I accidentally dropped a Big Mac box on the floor. The boxes have Monopoly pieces on them, and the Big Mac is the one that has the million dollar prize. I can’t win it because I’m a McD employee, and (omg I just burned my tongue – I sipped this latte without letting it cool off first – I had a bunch of food in my mouth at the same time and just had to distribute the scalding hot latte onto the food to protect my tongue – I just went and got some ice to put in the cup) – Anyway, I can’t win it because I work at McD. And, I picked it up off the floor without buying it, because I accidentally dropped it.

But even so, I ripped off the Monopoly piece just to see if it won anything. McD employees aren’t allowed to win, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t find a way to do it, if it just happened to have the million dollar piece. I would find somebody I trusted, and tell them what happened, and make a deal to get some of the money from them if they claimed it. We would share the million dollars and it would be a secret that I gave it to them. It couldn’t be a relative, but I know some people who are trustworthy and non-greedy. They would happily agree to share a million dollar Monopoly prize with me. I know people who wouldn’t betray me in a deal like that.

But if that happened, would I let anyone else in on the secret deal? Would I tell anyone? If I didn’t tell anyone, I’d get to keep a bigger share for myself. The shares would get smaller and smaller depending on how many people I shared it with. I’d have to share my portion, and let the other guy keep his portion, as agreed – the person who agreed to cash it in, as a non-McD employee.

It might depend on how the payments were made. McD won’t pay the winner a million dollars all at once, but instead will give them payments over time, I assume, like lotteries do. I don’t know for certain, though, and I don’t have time to go read the ‘fine print’ on the website.

Okay, somebody says they will give you $50,000 per year. This is interesting and I’ll have to read it later.


I have to remember to use the right WordPress page to post this, otherwise that link won’t work.

I hadn’t even thought about trying to win any of the collector pieces, where you have to get particular properties, like Boardwalk. This other page says which pieces are rare. I never knew how it worked. Some are rare, and many are common. If you get a rare one, then you can easily get the common ones and win.


I’ll just post this now. My break is over.

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