Police radar embedded in guard rails might be a good thing for electronic harassment victims

(*Edit 6/2/13: I had no idea this blog post would get me so much web traffic.  Normally my blog just gets from 30-50 views a day, and it suddenly went up to over 150 just because of this post.  (A whopping 360 views on June 2!) Sorry, I didn’t really have anything useful to say about the radar itself.  I’m not sure what information people are looking for.*)

I just saw a photo today of a new type of police radar used to catch speeders. It’s just a device that’s embedded in the guard rail. No, I don’t like the idea of anything that’s always on, and I don’t like it that it’s constantly radiating, because of the background electromagnetic pollution that it causes. But even so, background electromagnetic pollution is not as bad as direct electronic harassment and torture by people using things like radar guns.

The point is that maybe there will eventually be fewer cops driving around with radar guns, if they start using this guardrail radar instead. I don’t know if cops are the attackers who are harassing people, or rather, I don’t know if they are the *only* attackers – it’s likely that some cops do attack some people sometimes, probably using radar guns. Radar guns would still be available for other people to buy, steal, or make by themselves, so there would still be lots of people attacking and torturing the victims with the radar guns. This guardrail radar probably won’t do much good to reduce those attacks. But it seemed like a hopeful thought at least.

I had recently read a comment elsewhere written by someone who lives in an isolated rural area with few people. This person said that he experienced very severe sleep loss, insomnia, whenever the state troopers were around. He didn’t know what was causing it, and the doctors said it was ‘anxiety’ and they gave him a drug for it, but he stopped taking the drug because, he said, it made things worse. (I agree!) That suggests that, sometimes at least, the cops are the attackers.

Suddenly waking up for no reason and being unable to go back to sleep is often caused by radio frequency attacks.  Using your cell phone late at night can also cause insomnia, and so can using the wifi on your laptop, especially if you are uploading large files like videos, which causes the laptop to send out a lot of energy while you are sitting right next to it.  But if you haven’t done any of those things, and you are suddenly waking up at night, you need to know what’s causing it.  Any kind of background radiation can cause it too, but if you suddenly start waking up over and over again at exactly the same time of night, like at exactly 4:00 AM on the dot every night, you might be getting attacked.  Anyway that’s why I was thinking about this and why the guardrail radar photo caught my attention.

I googled ‘where can I buy a radar gun,’ and it turns out that any random asshole can buy one cheap whenever they want to. So, for anyone who doesn’t believe that electronic harassment is real, go out and buy yourself a radar gun, turn the thing on, duct-tape the button or the trigger or whatever so it’s always on, aim it directly at your bed, and then try to go to sleep. Leave it on for a couple days and find out how it feels to never, ever, ever sleep at all. That is the life of an electronic mind control-torture-harassment-stalking victim, a ‘targeted individual.’ Everyone, anyone, can be targeted, but some people are ‘more entertaining’ than others, for whatever reason – the people who know they are being attacked.

10 Responses to “Police radar embedded in guard rails might be a good thing for electronic harassment victims”

  1. yo Says:

    This isn’t real and after reading your other post honestly I’ve came to the conclusion that your crazy and should be in a mental institute. Your ideas and views are incredibly far fetched and out-landish. Get help you need medication. Cheers

  2. Ty TheMan Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me when someone sees a picture of something they feel uncomfortable about…they automatically yell ” It’s a Fake! ” and then bash the guy posting it….all the while, totally ignoring the fact that they are looking at an actual picture of an actual guardrail with an actual camera/radar unit in it! It’s not photoshopped you A-Hole. It’s right frikken there….a real object in a real picture. You’re like those idiots who refused to believe the County/State Caucus’ and Primaries were rigged even when actual video evidence from the actual event is being shown to you of the people committing the election fraud. You refuse to accept it, yell out your protective mantra of ” It’s a Fake! ” and then bury your head back in the sand.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t tell if that person was referring to the guardrail radar or to some of the other things that I wrote in that post (electronic harassment), when they said “it” wasn’t real.

  4. Legit Says:

    I tried the radar gun pointed at my bed. I didn’t have any trouble sleeping. Maybe I need 2 radar guns pointed at me?

  5. Nicole Says:

    Dunno. Maybe they use specially modified radar guns.

  6. ETA Says:

    Yo yo!

    LOL at your screen name 😉

    They closed most of the “mental institutes”/lunatic asylums and threw all the “inmates” out into the street years ago. They found it was much more profitable to use “chemical restraint” and let them fend for themselves.

    The medications are worse than the diseases they treat in most cases, and they literally “create” new diseases (ADHD for example.), to “create” a market for their pills.


    If you actually did this and aren’t just trolling, You should realize that just adding another gun won’t alter the frequency. If you are not sensitive to that freq. then adding another source will have no effect.
    If you really want to test EMR on your brain find an old microwave disable the door safety switch insert your head and set for desired time….


    OMG it’s REAL! Your comment is so true of “the herd mentality” types.


    Please feel free to delete this if you feel it is to unkind to other commenters.


    1-Chemical Restraint was the phrase used by the nurses in the “Old Folks Home” my ex worked at back in the 1980’s.

    2-Electronic Warfare has been around for a long time and altering off the shelf equipment for nefarious purposes is not that difficult. In the early 1990’s I worked at Radio Shack for a short period of time when cell phones were still “bricks”. While it was illegal one of the other employees new how to alter Police scanners to receive cell phone calls.

    3-Psychiatric medicine is “Big Business” (B as in billions$$), and many of the meds are known to be EXTREMELY harmful.

    4-The first two goo of About 25,000,000 results for “Mental institution Closing”-



  7. ETA Says:

    5- Will they call you crazy?


  8. Tlnitstr8 Says:

    They’ve been used in other countries for years and it’s a LIDAR system. Don’t know of any in use in the US, but you never know!

  9. curt Says:

    I pointed 2 at my bed and I was to fast for them to register anything

  10. curt Says:

    Oh don’t speed that was easy

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