At-Home Dental Filling Removal Takes A Long, Long Time

Today I worked on the canine tooth filling for the first time.  I bought the drill bits months and months ago, but haven’t used them yet.  I am holding the drill bit in my hand and just scraping it against the dental filling instead of using an electric drill.


In 2008 I went to the dentist to get him to take out my silver-mercury amalgam filling in the molar, and replace it with a plastic one.  He did that, and he also filled a second cavity in my canine tooth.  I wish I hadn’t done the canine tooth – I didn’t even know I had a cavity there, and now that I know what I know, I am confident enough to leave cavities alone and heal them by changing my diet.

I am testing this, and I notice that some of my teeth on the left side are painful when I’m eating a bad diet, and the pain goes away when I’m eating healthy foods.  After a week of eating healthier foods, I already notice that I can eat sweets with the painful teeth on the left side, and the pain is gone.  I’ve had those slightly painful teeth there for a long time, but the dentist didn’t see any cavities there.  Teeth don’t completely heal themselves, but they do absorb minerals from the saliva (according to Weston Price).  The dentist himself told me that teeth try to remineralize, but he acted like this was insignificant and like it could not possibly heal a cavity.

Teeth can absorb minerals into demineralized areas.  They can also close off the pulp chamber, the inner part of the tooth, by forming new secondary dentin between the pulp and the outside, if the tooth is worn down or decayed close to the root.  But it can only do this if you are eating a healthy diet. Cavities will stop decaying and stop hurting, but they will not fully grow back the part of the tooth that has been destroyed.

Back when I got those two plastic fillings, I didn’t know for sure that self-healing cavities were real.  I had read about it but wasn’t sure I believed it.  However, I’ve experienced changes in my tooth pain, as I said above.  After studying and reading about this, I believe it now.  But I had the canine cavity filled because back then, I wasn’t sure whether it really could fix itself.

So anyway, after I got those fillings, I had terrible headaches for a couple days, and then extreme mood swings, as though I had really, really bad PMS.  I was crying and irritable and angry, arguing with my co-workers.  They probably didn’t notice, because I didn’t actually cry at work, but I noticed it myself.  Then I started having terrible breast pain.  I had breast pain like that when I was a teenager and I had a plastic retainer in my mouth after my braces were taken off.  When I was done with the retainer, the breast pain went away and never came back… until I got the new plastic fillings.  Now I have it all the time, a little bit, and it gets worse if I have any St. John’s Wort.  St. John’s Wort never gave me breast pain before, but now every time I am exposed to SJW at all I get the pain for a day or two.

Not only that, but the right side of my face is always a little bit swollen now.  Often, the right sinus is closed, but the left sinus is still open and I can breathe through it.  Something at McDonald’s triggered my face to get swollen really badly one night – although I saw some other guy with a similar swollen eye, so it might have been a contagious virus – and the next day my right eye was all swollen shut.  The swelling seems to happen whenever I handle lots and lots of french fries.  It happened after a night of working at College Avenue where all I did was french fries for the entire night.  You have to touch a lot of french fry grease and salt, and it goes through your skin.  The salt contains iodine, so it could be excessive iodine causing the problem, or the salt itself, or some other additive in the salt, or the grease – I can’t tell which thing causes the problem. Every time I handle lots of french fries, my face is swollen the next morning, but it’s worst on the right side where the fillings are.

(Salt additives are horrible.  I’m used to eating sea salt because it doesn’t have additives.  But at Peter’s house one night, I tasted a pinch of his regular table salt, and it was all bitter and disgusting because of the anticaking agents.  I researched them and found out that in the USA, we’re lucky:  our salt contains sodium aluminosilicate.  That’s bad, but not as bad as European table salt.  European table salt contains sodium ferrocyanide.  When sodium ferrocyanide reacts with acid, such as the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, it releases cyanide gas.  Normal people might tolerate this, but a chemical sensitive person would have a hard time with it.  Iodine is another additive that can be a problem.  It’s supposed to help people prevent cretinism in areas where the soil contains very little iodine, but you can also get too much iodine, especially when you have large amounts of iodized salt from all different sources in your food.  You have to be allowed to choose whether or not you want salt that contains iodine.  So I choose sea salt.)

I also have to mention that I have had more problems with erectile tissue dysfunction.  This would be more noticeable in men than in women.  If you get new plastic dental fillings and suddenly have erectile dysfunction, the fillings are what caused it.  Peter temporarily had a plastic catheter inserted into his chest for dialysis, and during that time period, he had erectile dysfunction very badly and it got much better after the catheter was taken out.  ED is very common and people need to know what’s causing it instead of just taking another pill for it.  It’s caused by drugs and plastic and other things.  Supposedly it can also be caused by high blood pressure, but I would want to know what caused the high blood pressure in the first place.  So I noticed this symptom happening a lot more after getting those dental fillings.

I won’t know for sure until they are completely removed from my mouth and all traces of the plastic taken out of the tooth.  It will be difficult to get every last bit of plastic out.  I will have to scrape the edges of the cavity holes even if it slightly wears down my real tooth dentin.

I want to remove the fillings completely before having children.  Bisphenol-A is said to cause deformities in babies, such as genital abnormalities.  I don’t want to know what else it might do.  I just want to get rid of the fillings.  I will sacrifice my own two teeth for the babies.  There are only two filled cavities in my mouth – I am very lucky.  I would not want to be someone who has cavities filled in every tooth and then decides that bisphenol-A is giving them a bad reaction and they want all their fillings taken out.

When I feel any hesitation about this, I think about being pregnant, and how badly the fillings affect my own body – so what would they do to a developing embryo?  BPA might permanently change the baby’s entire body in ways that could never be undone.  I can sacrifice two teeth to prevent that.

So I am using this diamond burr drill bit which was meant for arts and crafts use.  It’s small enough to fit.  It’s part of a set of differently shaped bits.  I bought them on the internet.

This is only experimental, and I’m learning.  I spent about an hour gently scraping at the canine tooth filling.  I am using a lighted dental mirror.  It has this weird purple glow.  It’s not very bright.  It’s hard to see the difference between the tooth-colored filling and the tooth itself, but I can see it if I look from the right angle.  So far, all I’ve done is made the dental filling’s outer surface a little bit rougher, so that I can feel the roughness with my tongue.

I am trying not to spread the pulverized dental filling around in my mouth.  I’ve been trying to dab the tooth with a bit of sugarfree chewing gum, hoping to stick the particles of the filling to the gum.  But the gum is not very sticky.  I was dismayed when I went shopping for gum and I read on the front of one of the packages that it was specifically designed NOT to stick to your dental fillings!  I have spread a little bit of pulverized material in my mouth – I felt a sharp tiny splinter on my tongue, and I feel a strange stinging sensation on that side of my mouth.

I kept hitting the full-length mirror with the handle of the dental mirror – they bumped into each other, and the full-length mirror kept swinging back and forth because of the way I have it hung up.  It’s only hung up on a string hooked over a hook on the door, so it won’t stay still.  So I was trying to watch what I was doing, on the back of my tooth, in this eerie purple light, while the mirror kept getting bumped and swinging back and forth.  And everything is backwards in the mirror.  So when I moved the drill bit, it did the opposite of what I thought I was doing.  It was hardest for me to figure out forwards and backwards, towards and away from me.  I have to put it at the proper angle and then gently scrape, while also paying attention to the noise of the scraping so that I know I’m scraping filling instead of real tooth enamel.

A couple times, I looked at the drill bit and saw some white stuff on it that had been scraped off.  But I am doing it very slowly and carefully, so there was hardly anything at all.

I asked the dentist if he would remove my fillings and leave nothing, just empty unfilled cavities.  He told me he couldn’t do that because that would be unethical.  I didn’t say this out loud, but I thought:  So it’s unethical to remove a poisonous substance from someone’s mouth, but it’s ethical to put poisonous substances in there in the first place?  He doesn’t have faith in teeth’s ability to heal themselves, because he hasn’t been taught about proper nutrition.  Dentists believe that toothbrushing is the only way to prevent cavities.  In primitive societies where they don’t have sugar and flour, they also don’t brush their teeth at all, and they have zero cavities.  I haven’t been brushing my teeth at all, as an experiment, and there is one thing that does happen:  I am noticing some swollen gums that bleed easily, so it seems to be true that plaque causes gingivitis.  But plaque does not cause cavities.  And I haven’t switched to a completely healthy diet.  I am only eating a ‘slightly better diet’ compared to the way I had been eating.  So hopefully the swollen gums will go away if I keep improving my diet.

I am going to try dyeing the tooth filling with red food coloring to see if it will be visible in contrast to the tooth enamel.  Old fillings from years ago were able to get stained by certain foods, but the newer fillings are designed to not stain easily.  So I expect that this won’t work.  But I will try.

Anyway, no real progress, just practice, and a slightly roughened outer surface of the filling.  That’s all.

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  1. tys Says:


  2. retmeishka Says:

    I don’t have an official policy on what to do about random hostile comments yet.

  3. Shakaama Live Says:

    my question is, since most don’t have dental insurance, how much was it to have the dentist remove the fillings? and was he resistant to doing that?

    I suffer from high blood pressure, there is no history in my entire family, and I know it’s from these horrible fillings. I’d have to pay cash though.

  4. Nicole Says:

    How many fillings do you have and what kind are they?

    Originally, I had only one filling. It was in a molar, in the back. That was the silver mercury amalgam one which I wanted to have removed. But I didn’t just get that one filling removed, I also got a new (plastic) filling in a tooth that I didn’t know had a cavity, because back then, I BELIEVED the dentist when he told me that I had a new, unknown cavity that needed to be drilled and filled, urgently, this very instant, otherwise I would need a root canal. (I don’t believe that anymore. There is no urgent need to fill a cavity this very instant, especially if the cavity is painless and you don’t even know it exists.) So my cost was a little higher than it would have been, and if I recall, it was something like $300. I made a partial payment of that amount. I did not pay the rest of it. That money is now among the couple of unpaid debts that I have. I have a couple of unpaid medical bills, the dentist bill, and some leftover credit card debt which I have never finished paying off, as the last few years of my life have been such a mess that I can barely manage to even pay my rent.

    The dentist didn’t resist removing the amalgam filling and replacing it with a resin composite filling. However, he DID resist me when I asked him, later on – I think I sent him an email, if I recall – if he could please remove both of the resin composite fillings (because of all the problems they are causing, such as breast pain, swollen face, swollen eye, hot flashes like menopause, and hormonal mood swings), and just leave my teeth with open cavities that I would take care of myself. He said it would be ‘unethical’ to leave me with open cavities, and he refused to do that.

    Most people are still trying to pay their debts and keep a good credit record, but I totally gave up on that and have just been floundering along for a few years with unpaid debts, and if I ever needed to borrow money, I probably wouldn’t be able to. So, in a way, just not paying it is an option, but it’s an option with consequences that people don’t want. I don’t recommend doing that. I still would want to pay off my debts because I’m not really committed to the idea of not paying them.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with high blood pressure.

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  6. ingupo Says:

    How about before removing fillings you say that you agree and will fill them again with another material, but when the dentist has finished the filling removal, just say that you don’t feel well and ask if you can continue with re-filling tomorrow and never come back again. Or just cut the cr*p and say that you’ve changed your mind and don’t want new fillings and leave. I don’t think he can force you to stay, chain you and fill them up or sue you 😀 This is serious and in that kind of case you could afford to be a little rude, after all, you don’t have to come back ever again 🙂
    I have 4 silver fillings and I’m trying to figure out how to get them fall out by them selves. I’ve heard that raw vegan diet causes cavities to flip out. Also some of my cavities have like rough edge where I could grab on to and pull them out. In that way the cavity wouldn’t be scraped upon or damaged so nothing would cause vapour to come out. It would be as If it would’ve fell out. But I’m supper scared to do that after all the information about mercury dangers.
    Also oil pulling might help to regrow mpty tooth when filling has been removed. I would add some tea tree essential oil, birch essential oil and others to base oil when pulling, it might help strengthen the effect.

  7. Nicole Says:

    You’re right, actually, and this is a real possibility. Just getting up and leaving after the fillings have been taken out. I wonder, would he remove both fillings one after the other, and then fill them one after the other? Or would he remove a filling, refill it, and then remove the next one, and then refill it? I’d have to leave before any of them were refilled. I don’t know if I would have enough social courage to ‘break the rules’ and behave that way, though – I’m usually very meek. If I get into the dentist’s chair, I’m probably going to inevitably obey the dentist’s norms. But I like the idea though.

    I’ve heard of oil pulling before and have briefly read about it, but don’t know much at all about it.

    I suspect that it might not be too horribly dangerous to get a small amount of mercury exposure whenever the fillings are removed, and the reason I say that is because whenever I got my metal filling removed, the dentist didn’t do any of the precautions that they say you’re supposed to do to protect against mercury exposure. I didn’t feel well after I got the new fillings, but it seemed to be mostly because of the plastic. However, you will still feel anxious about it, and so would it, and I know that I will feel anxious about it whenever the time comes that I get the drill and get ready to do this thing myself. (Unless I decide to use the ‘get up and leave’ tactic you described.) I think that I still have a little bit of a metal filling underneath the new plastic one, so I would be drilling into that little leftover bit, causing mercury exposure.

    I don’t know, talking about it is different from actually doing it. I don’t know how I will feel when it’s time to do it for real.

    Good luck with yours, whatever you decide to do. I totally sympathize with the need to get them out.

  8. Joy Says:

    “the dentist when he told me that I had a new, unknown cavity that needed to be drilled and filled, urgently, this very instant, otherwise I would need a root canal. (I don’t believe that anymore. There is no urgent need to fill a cavity this very instant, especially if the cavity is painless and you don’t even know it exists.)” Nicole

    EXACTLY the same thing happened to me!

    Today my friend told me that she had removed a filling herself, and in 3 years her tooth has totally healed itself.

  9. Nicole Says:

    This is reassuring to hear, thank you for telling me about it. I always want to know if other people have already done something that I’m planning to do but am a little bit scared to do. I actually have a (new) cavity right now which I am leaving open and just observing. I can feel changes in it from day to day depending on what I eat. It hurts if I am drinking lots of coffee, and it gets worse if I am drinking Coke. I don’t usually drink Coke, but I was drinking a lot of it temporarily. So I am still going to go through with removing them. I’ve had to postpone it so I could do some other projects first.

  10. Rocco Says:

    It’s been a whole year now, so you’ve probably got the filling removed. But here’s another option: tell the dentist that you need to remove your plastic filling and replace it with a temp filling until you decide/can afford a more inert material.

    Did you manage to remove the filling yourself?

    If I was in charge in life, dentistry would be binned as a profession. It’s only caused me grief. I had a mercury filling replaced with a temporary filling. All major health issues dissolved. A year passed and I decided to listen to friends and dentists advice to get a composite filling. All major health issues reappeared. Plastics are just as bad as the mercury is, at least in my experience.

    So I plan on removing this filling. How will I keep my tooth alive, however? That’s a concern. But it’s better to risk losing the tooth than to always be sick.

    Is there some kind of calcium phosphate mixture I can use to help remineralise the tooth, and that can be used as a temp filling in the meantime? That would be great.

    Or else, I’ll have to just eat well and keep the cavity clean. Which can make life somewhat boring, but what other options are there? Of coarse, no point to ask a dentist.

  11. Ben Says:

    Thanks, your blog is an inspiration. I too felt terrible after having my amalgam fillings removed and replaced. I’m also going to buy a drill and slowly, carefully, painstakingly but surely take them out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  12. Nicole Says:

    I will be very interested in hearing about it if you go through with it. I never finished taking mine out and had to postpone the whole project. But it’s years later and I’m still having symptoms from the plastic, so I’m still determined to take them out in the future. If you can get yours out, good for you!

  13. RobB Says:

    Just go to the dentist. Tell him you have had adverse symptoms with the plastic filling and you want to get it replaced with another composite. All composites are made from different materials, so they will be obliged. Then when they remove the old filling, just get up and say you changed your mind, or make an excuse not to go ahead with another filling. There’s no way you can remove it yourself. No need to ruin your life because you don’t want to lie to the dentist. Heck, the dentist has lied to you anyway, so don’t feel bad about it. Just make sure to say you don’t want to be under anaesthetic when he removes the filling, that way you will have your wits about you when you get up and walk out. I got mine out, and told her just to use a temporary filling while I decide on a material. That’s because I kinda wanted the temp filling, but its fallen out now. I don’t intend to get a new filling again, ever.

  14. RobB Says:

    Also, because each composite comes with different shades of white to match the colour of your teeth, you will find it very difficult to distinguish it from your natural tooth. The dentist told me she can only tell by the different effects moisture has on the filling to natural teeth. So she needed to wet the surface and then drill. Its quite a laborious and finnicky procedure. Best to find a dentist that has a decent temperament.

  15. Ben Says:

    Ok thanks, just out of interest where did you get your drill/burs from and is there any brand or type/thickness you’d recommend? Cheers, Ben

  16. Anonymous Says:

    This is an absolutely incredible issue. i have 9 very small mercury fillings from when I was 12. I have been battling high blood pressure for most of my adult life. I am now 47. I have been eating organic fruits and vegetables only for two years and aside from the BP feel great. I have asked over 50 dentists in the US and abroad to remove my filling and not to refill. I have been denied everywhere being told that it would not be ethical. As for fooling the dentist and leaving before he refills, this is flawed. You see the dentist will tear into your healthy tooth to create an even bigger hole to accommodate the next filling. I do not want this.

    The dentists are doing exactly what they are told / programmed to do from gov departments. The organic dental filling market remains empty even though there have been breakthrough’s over the past 25 years.

    Calcium Hydroxy Appetite CHA is primarily what are teeth are made of. In Japan in the 90s they developed a synthetic of CHA and used it for dental fillings. After 6 months the CHA fused with the tooth growing together with it. One would not even know they had a filling installed. Websites and info taken down 2012. Simply put – Some powerful people want continued toxic / medical mouth issues to keep humans stressed.

    No cancer cure STILL??? Way to much money in pretending to look for a cure. The same drugs re-branded to fight cancer today were the same ones used 35 years ago. Watch “Burzynski Cancer Is Serious Business” the documentary.

    Organic dental fillings are not allowed into the market because chemical companies with toxic bonding agents and plastic resins can pay the millions for clinical trials and campaign funding support to those in charge.

    We NEED a new form of teeth procedures based on nutrition and the healing of holes from removed fillings that do not get re-filled by the next generation of toxic plastics.

    Humanity needs to demand a new way!

    We need an end to business as usual in western the world. It’s toxic!

  17. Nicole Says:

    This doesn’t help you get your fillings out, but I can tell you one thing that I have experienced now. I have a broken molar in the back. That happened a few months ago. I can tell you that even though there’s this big broken molar with one whole side missing, it doesn’t hurt unless I am going several days eating a very bad diet – for instance, drinking lots of Coke. I’ve verified what Weston Price and others have said: the root of the tooth does, in fact, cover itself with a protective layer of bone, just a thin layer over the outside of the root, to keep the root from being exposed, and it doesn’t hurt. It can’t regrow the whole tooth, just a thin layer.

  18. Stephen B. Reeves Says:

    I would assume that companies that make food coloring have tested to see if they stain fillings or not. However, I do know that plastics will yellow with UV exposure and will glow in black light. I don’t suggest shooting UV rays in your mouth, but getting black light to shine on that particular tooth should not be of any concern. Please bear in mind that I am not a health professional and these are my opinions.

  19. Nicole Says:

    No way, that’s brilliant! I want to try the black light thing whenever I try this again. That would be extremely useful if it worked.

  20. Arramu Says:

    This seems to be the only place on the internet with serious people…
    I am trying to get my fillings removed. I live in UK and here this idiots
    would all give me the ‘not ethical’ reply. I think I will tell them I get bad
    symptoms which I do get, and then give me temporal until I decide upon
    a material . . Or even if they do not remove them all 3 before putting
    new ones in I will let them remove one them leave. And repeat with
    another dentist 🙂 I think just ketting up and leaving is quite plain. I
    mean they put those things on you around and make you lay down
    in a dis empowering position. I think I would just say that my leg hurts
    and I need my medication. Scream a bit so I don’t look silly then leave
    and say I need to get home ”RIGHT NOW!” hehe…….I will probably
    drink something before to get some courage lols. Will probably take
    my friend with me and film it lols that sounds like fun. Good idea.
    I dont have any problems because I am super healthy but I am
    VERY sure its slowing my health. Only because my body can keep up
    with it doesn’t mean its ok…

  21. Arramu Says:

    I found a potentially easy method to get rid of your fillings and leave them like that even if the dentist refuses (because he is a D-head) gold fillings require 2 sessions. on the first you get a clean up and crap and temporary filling which lasts for a few months and only on the second they give you the filling so don’t come on the second sessions. go to a new dentist give them your old address or something and if you can different name and you are a BOSS!:)

  22. Arramu Says:

    or maybe you could spend some time at home to scrap it thus making it look like it needs to be replaced. then come with an argument to NOT give put a filling on the first sessions. they might leave it empty or put in a temporary one which lasts for a few months….

  23. Anonymous Says:

    With dental laser you should be able to distinguish composite material and enamel.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t have any fillings on my teeth, but I have dental sealants on all my molar teeth. They have been there over 20 years and they’re ugly-looking today (yellowish). I desperately want to get rid of them, but any dentist won’n help me with this. Does anyone have an ysuggestions on what I could do in this situation? I could tell the dentist that I want new sealants because the sealants I have now look ugly, and I could walk out of the chair after removal of the first old sealant. But what about the 7 other sealants? I feel trapped.

  25. Nicole Says:

    I myself still haven’t gotten rid of my own plastic dental fillings yet. There must be a huge demand for this because this blog page gets tons of pageviews and people are still commenting on it occasionally. I actually bought a drill online but haven’t used it yet. I have been too busy dealing with other disasters. I wish I had a suggestion for you.

  26. RobertB Says:

    It’s been around 2 and half years since I’ve had my amalgam filling removed. It’s not a big filling, but the dentist said it’s quite deep. After dire warnings from the dentist, I managed to get her to put a temporary filling in it’s place (which lasted about 3 months). I can say that my tooth is still holding up fine. Unfortunately, I’ve had to give up certain foods that would aggravate the hole. For me, that meant no more soft drink, and chocolate bars or cakes. I still have them very occasionally, but don’t make it a habit. I’ve also had less refined carbs such as white bread, but not rice and potatoes which I’ll never give up.
    If I have these bad foods, my tooth get’s sensitive, and the hole feels abit bigger when I feel it with my tongue. So then I commit to avoiding these bad foods again for a while.
    I fine I can still make my own types of sweet foods and not have a problem. My favorite is a pancake I make with buckwheat flour, and inside I have chopped banana and dark chocolate (85% cocoa) and chopped nuts. This doesn’t hurt my tooth at all.
    Recently, I’ve decided to stop drinking coffee and tea, since I’ve had trouble sleeping. I’ve found this has greatly helped my tooth also, to the point where I no longer am conscious that my tooth is vulnerable.

  27. John Says:

    Please be advised that sugar free gum usually has ASPARTAME in it and may be just as bad for you! kind regards

  28. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, I ended up not using that method. As of right now I still haven’t done anything, but I agree with you, I almost always avoid aspartame. On the rare occasions when I have eaten it, even for a short time, I’ve had weird symptoms.

  29. bryan Says:

    After removal of amalgam fillings, which are 50 percent mercury, by grinding and cutting, it is documented science urine/blood mercury levels spike tenfold, and then preceed to drop 50-70 percent by the first year. This occurs when proper procedures are not undertaken to protect you from the harmful vapor and microgram sized dust particles from grinding, which instantly absorb and cause sickness and pain, especially the first week after removal.

  30. Ted Says:

    Yep. It’s terrible. Only our children will have a chance to feel what it’s like to have just your teeth, which is a world of difference. This is if we keep them away from dentistry. It’s not rocket science either. We’ve all been duped by the powers that be. In the meantime we can try to keep scraping.

  31. Ted Says:

    I don’t mean to sound discouraging either. We will find a way. We have to! There are biocompatibility tests which I don’t know much about but I was given a brochure on and they run $500 for the kit which isn’t too bad….. Another possibility is that if you’ve had amalgams that were subject to grinding etc, the mercury might have leeched into the other fillings? We need to find maybe students that would help us remove the fillings and let our teeth be. Keep looking for solutions. I have actually removed most of one filling on one molar, but the one that previously had an amalgam is more difficult. You have to really focus on the proper angle to effectively remove it, and take a breather for a couple of days if you start getting too stressed.

  32. Nicole Says:

    I’m amazed that you’re doing it. I thought I was the only one who tried drilling it by hand. I actually bought a real dental drill online, and had it hooked up to an air pump – for some reason, I thought I had to have an air powered drill – but I’ve been living in apartments with roommates for the past several years and never felt like it was private enough to do something so weird, and so risky, and so noisy. Plus, it became less urgent because I stopped using St. John’s Wort, which seemed to cause an interaction with the BPA in the plastic somehow, causing me to have stronger bad reactions to it. When I’m off the St. John’s Wort, I don’t notice the plastic-induced symptoms as strongly.

    However, all that being said, I have not postponed it forever and I still intend to do it. I ended up putting several other projects ahead of it on my list of priorities. I have not given up and I have not quit! I’m actually really glad to see other people attempting it on their own.

    I have a molar which has been utterly destroyed, and I have not gotten a filling in it. If I drink Coke or other strong acids, it will hurt for days, but who needs to be drinking Coke? I avoid unhealthy foods, and the broken shattered cavity-rotted tooth doesn’t hurt. I know it will be the same with my two fillings if I remove them – it will be a sensitive, broken, shattered tooth, but as long as you avoid particular foods, there will be no pain. You just have to learn what to avoid. I *kind of* eat a paleo-inspired, Weston Price sort of diet, and I usually try to eat organic foods and avoid artificial additives. Basically a whole foods diet, when I’m at home. I do my best. Even doing this, I notice connections between particular foods, and cavity pain. Pineapples cause misery and suffering. I’ve heard other people tell me that pineapples gave them cavities. One guy, poor soul, told me he tried an experimental ‘pineapple diet’ where you ate large amounts of pineapples, and said his teeth hurt like crazy. So, even with natural whole foods, you have to learn what to avoid.

    Millet – an alternative grain that I tried – is actually what caused my one molar to crumble. Again, millet is a whole, natural food, but grains can do some really bad stuff to you. They have phytic acid and other anti-nutrients. During the weeks when I was eating millet, my cavities all got worse, and the one bad cavity on the back molar suddenly just fell apart and gave me a shattered tooth with sharp edges.

    It is all a learning experience. Nobody has ‘all the knowledge’ about which foods do what, especially when whole, natural, ‘healthy’ foods can also cause problems. One has to constantly observe it on their own.

    Thank you for your comment and inspiring me to want to try again. I haven’t given up on it forever, just postponed it while dealing with other crises over the past few years.

  33. Nicole Says:

    I don’t always get around to replying to everyone’s comments and questions, but I was looking over this old post again. I’ve read about other people making their own toothpaste, but I haven’t tried it myself. Usually their goal is to make something that contains minerals the body needs, but not fluoride. So I can’t tell you any suggestions myself, except that other people are doing it. I’ve read about people making things out of some kind of seashells ground up or something like that, I forget what exactly. I believe it was associated with ‘paleo diet’ web pages and forums.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Remember this: thyroid / cranial movement are one issue and any toxic element in the mouth whether it is adhesive, composite (that you are not compatible with), metal, or crowns will effect this. I actually got that information from a very expensive consultation and know that it is true. I am with you. I don’t have the money right now to travel and pay for the one dentist that might understand. If I could stress anything for you and me its to NOT GO TO ANY DENTISTS unless we are sure they understand all of this, or else we will have years more of scraping that we might not survive. Also, on another note, if you are compromised, especially your thyroid, breathing, sleeping..Remember this: thyroid / jaw positioning are one issue and any toxic element in the mouth whether it is adhesive, composite (that you are not compatible with), metal, or crowns will effect this. I actually got that information from a very expensive consultation. I am with you. I don’t have the money right now to travel and pay for the one dentist that might understand. If I could stress anything for you and me its to NOT GO TO ANY DENTISTS unless we are sure they understand all of this, or else we will have years more of scraping that we might not survive. Also, on another note, if you are compromised, you become much more vulnerable to any type of attack, and sometimes it can seem like the attacks themselves are the source of the problem, but they aren’t actually.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    *** That should read:

    Remember this: thyroid / cranial movement are one issue and any toxic element in the mouth whether it is adhesive, composite (that you are not compatible with), metal, or crowns will effect this. I actually got that information from a very expensive consultation and know that it is true. I am with you. I don’t have the money right now to travel and pay for the one dentist that might understand. If I could stress anything for you and me its to NOT GO TO ANY DENTISTS unless we are sure they understand all of this, or else we will have years more of scraping that we might not survive. Also, on another note, if you are compromised, you become much more vulnerable to any type of attack, and sometimes it can seem like the attacks themselves are the source of the problem, but they aren’t actually.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    The other half of this is easier but equally as important – chelating the toxins out of your body with supplements, etc. Otherwise they stay in your system and your brain for years.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Great article and the other case studies on this site.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah and this is a nightmare to say the least. I got suckered into a bone graft for a minor injury. I am beside myself and don’t know what to do. It prevents me from talking correctly to people which is just as bad as it sounds. I have tried to gouge it out. I’ve had to go under the roots of my teeth with different dental tools to try to get the fermenting cadaver out. Periodontist won’t do a thing, dismissed me as a patient…. The code of silence between dentists and the fact that cadaver grafts are standard means I could see 500 dentists and not one of them will help me.

  39. khalid Says:

    Hello I have been suffering from teeth filings since.I was 12 years old.

    I have come to conclusion that fillings disrupt natural processes of body such as hunger, thirst, hormones (parathyroid in specifix).

    Ive had four fillings pre-puberty, when I hit puberty I have developed a wide range of health problems.

    Previous week I removed one filling which caused my jaw to go into panic reflex and I had to keep my jaw clenched. I couldnt eat drink or sleep for two days.

    If anyone wants to talk to me about this problem then please email me at

  40. 4tamyl Says:

    After reading all of this and going through so many tests and being highly allergic to a lot and having high antibodies, I realize that vaccines, medicines and dental work is not all it is cracked up to be. That said after last year having lost 2 teeth to infection I finally realized that my teeth are eroding and have several amalgams and several plastics and a ceramic crown that is wearing. Ever since 12 years of age when I got my first 12 amalgam fillings my allergies started up and puberty left me very ill for a year. I am currently disabled and on a pseudo paleo diet that has no sugar just local raw honey. I rinse my mouth with baking soda water and brush and water plik it. Then I use coconut oil to pull and just to relieve dryness from my illness. So far no cavities but I do get sensitivities with certain foods, I am trying to figure out what.I have cut my antibody markers in half and hope to continue that. I use only a holistic dentist and did do the compatability test but honestly the only thing I trust in my mouth is what God makes like gold or nothing. I am hoping to tell my dds that I want temporaries until I can afford the gold, which will never happen because they fall out over time and I can not afford that. That said I am interested in trying more raw vegan but modified with key animal as we have limits in availability and pushing the garbage out that is invasive, and so glad I never did the root canal, it just never made sense to me. You all may be interested in this
    Interesting article, all the research points to nothing processed, natural organic non-gmo products because they have all the nutrients you need and adding Calcium, magnesium and trace elements from the seabeds they come from.Only use supplements that are natural or its poison, I hope this helps someone, I am trying to find a way to flip these fillings naturally so please all of you keep praying and posting and improve your lifestyles of the body, mind and soul. Blessings to you all, keep it up and keep the faith, I believe it will eventually happen. Oh I cured our 16 yr old daughters molar completely, we have xray proof, she uses Dr Ellie Phillips procedure, except no listerine instead sea salt water, brush, closys, brush with original Crest paste only, then Act Flouride, she was too scared to let go of the commercial stuff due to her diet not being 100 % wholesome and then last step is coconut oil. She also ramped up her daily water intake of good non-chemical water in a good bottle up to 72 oz a day, her face and rough spots are baby smooth, unlike before. So now I am ramping up my intake and better choices. Prayers to you all!

  41. Adam Says:

    Thanks Retmeishka for blog. I am pretty much in similar situation like yours or even worst. As a kid and against my wishes, dentist did 8 mercury fillings, 4 wisdom teeth removal and two root canals and in that process dislocated my tmj or broke it. For ten years, I was struggling with my health. I was feeling like an old man constantly having clouded mind and cold. After ten years, I switched to vegie diet. At that time root canaled tooth broke in half and needed to be extracted. Slowly regained some strength and I was able to be more active. After another ten years decided to remove 4 mercury fillings with whatever (composite or plastic). The dentist also did two root canals. And then supposed to scrape off tartar of another tooth, after “scraping” the dentist said that this tooth needs to be canaled and capped with its neighbouring teeth which means that three teeth needs to be cut down and capped. Pissed off, I said to put the filling. After that I realized that dentists are cashing out on people. There is no such thing as ethics. Now I am back to the same medical conditions and even worst. I have internal tremors usually more aggressive and sweats at night when sleeping, ringing in ears, and something like jaw bone and tmj inflamation without pain (like tunning fork vibration). Sleeping is a torture. I tried Weston Price diet and it made me feel worst and heavy. No circulation in my hands and no sweating and more severe cold. Returned to monkey diet and at least got my circulation back, sweating came back and continuous cold is less severe. But my health is still very poor plus ringing in ears. Lesson I learned is that with this hokus pokus medical ethics, people are cashing out on other people misery. We are living in Darwinian capitalism of our own creation. How can we expect of medical people to be ethical if politicians, priests, teachers and police are committing all kinds of crap just to capitalize themselves or for sheer pleasure of doing it. Medics are humans too and they have predatory instincts like everyone else. Therefore their patients with insurance are their cash cow. End period. There is no and there will not be any law, policy or anything that will prevent professional people preying on others. We might be calling civilized but we are still running dinosaurs preying on weak. Thats how biology works. Returning to teeth, that dentist-cut tooth lost the filling and in the same month ringing and tremors started full time. Puss and pain is gone. The color returned from darkish white to white on outside but on top the pulp is visible and exposed. My guess it that it needs to be pulled out or some other tooth is sipping out mercury into my system. Right now I am trying to figure out which is the cause. Should I find a way to remove/scrape off mercury filling on my own. I have the same situation with dentists – just removing mercury is unethical.

  42. Adam Says:

    Aha, and remember. Healthy people is bad for medical business.

  43. Matt Says:

    I just found out that a molar of mine has amalgam filling. Since it was way back in the back, I could not see it without the aid of small mirrors. (I thought I was filling free, until I examined with a small mirror.) I want to get the amalgam removed, and not replaced with anything. I am close to Tijuana, so maybe a doctor in TJ will be willing to remove without replacing. It seems too challenging to be done at home. I’d rather have the entire tooth removed than to live with toxic substances in my mouth.

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