Tweet: I’m feeling much better now

i got a little bit of rest. i even have a sense of humor again.

a long time ago there was a show called ‘night court.’ there was a tinfoil hat guy (if i’m remembering the right show) who used to say that he was in the mental hospital, but he’d say ‘i’m feeling muuuuch better now,’ in a scary, creepy way. it might have been ‘newhart’ and it might have been ‘cheers.’ i remember back in the days when i used to watch television, i watched those shows with my parents. that was a pleasant memory.

i drove across town, and parked at tudek park. i rested in the car. i didn’t fall asleep, except for a few seconds when i was hypnotized, but the rest of the time, i just laid there awake but resting. i’ve done this before, just go sit in the car at the park, and it made me feel better. it worked this time too.

at first, i could still hear some voices. there are unavoidable, quiet voices that seem to happen everywhere. but the leg torture wasn’t happening. my legs felt just fine when i went across town and tried to sleep there.

after lying there about 15 minutes, somebody starting ‘slipping’ or ‘buzzing’ the place where my leg was pressed against the steering wheel. if you press part of your body against a hard surface, they will buzz the spot until it slips and gradually moves into a slightly different position. if you don’t know you’re being attacked, it seems as though it’s just ordinary friction. but they will also make the muscles twitch around that location, and they also give it a recognizable tickling sensation just before the slip happens. i believe this particular attack is an ultrasonic attack, but i’m not sure. anything ‘physical,’ such as objects moving or making clicking noises, is probably sonic. (it’s easier to imagine sound waves being able to vibrate things and move them.)

i adjusted the steering wheel so it was no longer against my leg. so that stopped happening.

they banged on my window a bunch of times, making a clicking noise as though an acorn or something fell from a tree, but there’s nothing there. after doing that a few times, they quit for some reason, instead of doing it continuously.

after a while, most of the attacks seemed to stop. i still couldn’t sleep, but i was able to rest. and i was getting a little bit of sunlight, which cheered me up. it’s good to get a little bit of sun on your skin and in your eyes. the air was fresher, too – not moldy like in my house.

there were people at the park, people with kids, talking and laughing and playing around. it also cheered me up to be around people.

so… i’m watching a harry potter movie for the 621st time, for comfort, and i will start working again on the house. i play the movies whenever i have to do unpleasant housework.

i figured i would let everyone know that i was somewhat cheerful again.

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