the peeping tom

today’s theme was ‘dennis is the peeping tom.’ that’s what they woke me up with. for all i know, he could be. i protect myself by suppressing and denying thoughts like that. whether it’s true or not, i can’t do anything about it.

i use the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ assumption to protect myself against doing ‘vigilante’ behavior, because i have plenty of reasons to be angry at whoever has done these things to me over the years.

they were talking about how i said it was a ‘mere inconvenience’ that i was moving to bellefonte. i’ll say that again: for the stalkers, it is a mere inconvenience that i am moving someplace else. from my point of view, i see continuity: the harassment keeps going, no matter where i go. i’ve driven my car and i’ve been attacked at places very far away. i already know that going to bellefonte might change the style of attacks, the particular details of what happens, the particular voices i hear, but for me, it’s just more attacks.

i was getting death threats again and also somebody claiming to be suicidal. there is no way for me to understand what’s true merely by hearing voices. they *constantly* pretend to be somebody else. they constantly create false and misleading beliefs and interpretations. today’s theme, as i said, was all about dennis and how he was the peeping tom and blah, blah, blah, and he was also the person i was talking to when i was talking to the voices, and all that.

got technical knowledge? i don’t. i’ve skimmed through a variety of reading materials to get a vague idea of what’s being done to me and how it’s being done. however, some people out there DO have technical knowledge. couldn’t they do something useful with that knowledge? couldn’t they use their weapons to test a shielded box that would actually help the victims?

we wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not ‘perps’ could be trusted to participate in building a shield. the victims will know right away that the shield is working.

‘they’ are incapable of stopping themselves from constant, neverending attacks. in fact, some of it is automated, from an artificial intelligence. it happens and nothing stops it. so if it stops when you get in the shield, you don’t have to ask, ‘are they just pretending to stop?’ there is no second guessing as to whether or not they really are still able to get through the shield.

these people have no self-control. they are PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of stopping and restraining themselves. if they are physically able to attack you, they will, because they are physically unable not to. so if the attacks stop, the shield is working.

no shield will ever be perfect. somebody will bombard it all day long for months, looking for some way to get through. they are physically incapable of finding something more useful to do with their time. but that doesn’t mean the shield is useless or that it’s not worth building it. it just means that it will never be perfect, it will only be an improvement over being totally vulnerable.

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